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AMA and CNN Fake News Promoting anti-2A Agenda

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AMA & CNN Fake News
Promoting anti-2A Agenda

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Daniel R Theesfeld, MD
2018​​ January​​ 20

  • The American Medical Association (AMA) continues to lose the support of many physicians in America due to their non-medical politicalized agendas. (​​ Personal observation, author.​​ )

  • Recently, the agenda driven and political AMA stated that the cause of firearm deaths is guns, rather than the real cause which is evil and criminal behavior. (2)

  • Resembling CNN, the AMA presented a one sided and short sighted agenda driven political hit piece without even a modest attempt to present another side. (1)

  • There is no such thing as gun control, there is only people control. (3)


  • 1980’s – American Medical Association voices their support for gun control (6)

  • 1996 – CDC funding for research on gun violence is banned.

  • 2012 – American Association of Pediatrics calls for regulating the manufacture, sale, purchase, ownership and use of firearms to help prevent gun-related injuries to children and adolescents. (6)

  • 2013 – AMA calls the uncontrolled ownership and use of firearms “a serious threat to public health” because “the weapons are one of the main causes of intentional and unintentional injuries and deaths. (6)

  • 2017 November 14 AMA publishes an agenda driven in a hyper polarized and politicized editorial entitled “Death by Gun Violence- a Public Health Crisis

Too often, people with agendas ignore the facts in order do things that make them feel good instead of doing things that improve themselves and society. ​​ The AMA is ignoring the fact that evil and criminality is the cause of any violence and firearm deaths and instead blames guns. ​​ There are in fact, many reasons for violent crime rates and most have nothing to do with guns themselves. ​​ As more and more households are headed by single women, crime rates have gone up. ​​ 

A major study as far back as 1988 of 11,000 individuals found that “the percentage of single-parent households with children between the ages of 12 and 20 is significantly associated with rates of violent crime”. ​​ If we had this information then, why do those in power continually try to blame the weapons? ​​ Since 1988, things have gotten progressively worse, but the solution in the minds of gun control advocates is always the same – take away the guns – problem solved. ​​ 

So, if you have a child who is hitting other children with sticks, take away the sticks and the problem is solved right? ​​ It’s doubtful any parent would believe that, but yet according to an editorial by the AMA, the key to reducing firearm deaths in the United States is to understand and reduce exposure to the cause, just like in any epidemic, and in this case that is guns.

Guns have been around forever, but the gun violence has alarmingly increased – what​​ has changed? ​​ The people! ​​ (8)

Some members of the AMA are now advocating that physicians question their patients about​​ gun ownership and their use of firearms.  ​​​​ The pretense that our information is held in strict privacy by our physicians is a false sense of security as there are loopholes and other means to either hack the records or there’s always the federal government. ​​ Speaking of the federal government, an organization that may have access to your medical records is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). ​​ Under the Patriot Act, the FBI can get a warrant to secure your medical records during the course of an investigation to protect against international terrorism. ​​ Like HIPPA, the Patriot Act does not require that notice be given to you regarding the turning over of your medical files. ​​ Given the dishonesty of the FBI leadership of late, how safe do you feel about turning over this kind of information to your doctor? (7)

Gun control zealots, over the years, have tried to rename gun control for a more “palatable” wording hoping they could “fool” the public to accept gun restrictions if they just put their product in a new package, calling gun control everything from The “New Right Watch” to “Coalition for Gun Control”.  ​​​​ However, after nearly a half-century of failure, it might be time for them to admit that the marketing isn’t the problem, it’s that the American people don’t want what they’re selling. ​​ (5) As Dan Bongino says “When they own the language, they own the argument”, and we can’t let that happen. (3)


Helping educate our members understand the bigger picture.

  • Facts and other truths the AMA left out of their article

    a. Evil and criminality cause violence and firearm deaths.
    b. No law would have prevented the Las Vegas Mass Murder.
    c. Frequently, mass shooting doesn’t stop until a good citizen with a gun arrives.

  • AMA and CNN misrepresent what they are advocating, they say “Gun” control, and they really mean "People Control", controlling law abiding citizens.

    a. Multiple examples where increased "People Control" does not stop the violence and criminality.
    b. Chicago remains plagued with evil and criminality despite unconstitutional Anti 2-A laws.
    c. Major terrorist attacks have taken place in European cities with the strictest of gun control laws, i.e. Paris.
    d. Washington D. C. has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country and is one of the most​​ dangerous places to live.

  • The majority of mass shootings occur in “gun-free” zones.

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To​​ read more about​​ AMA’s position:


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Story inspired by:

Staff Report, (Dr. David R. Adams) America’s First Freedom, “Doctor Responds to AMA’s Anti-Gun Stance”, 2018, January 04


Dr. David Adams, a lifelong member of the American Medical Association, believes that the article published by the AMA in December of 2017 is an example of how the organization’s purpose has been “degraded​​ and is plagued with negative politics”. ​​ As he stated, the article did not point out any benefits of gun ownership nor did it address, in his opinion, the real cause of gun violence – evil and criminal behavior. ​​ As Dr. Adams points out, “physicians desire an organization that stands for something fairly simple to represent our profession and keep us up to date on providing the best patient care”. ​​ Instead, membership numbers are declining due to the anti-second amendment approach the organization has chosen to adopt steering it away from its primary purpose.

The American Medical Association is yet another organization who has chosen to take the stance that gun control is the solution to the gun violence that ails the country. ​​ As they align themselves with all other anti-gun advocates, their membership numbers are dropping, and doctors are speaking out against some of the tactics including the suggestion that physicians should now start to question their patients about their gun ownership and usage.

While anti-gun focus has tried to convince Americans that gun owners and those who sell them must be the problem, even their attempts to “catch” online gun sales people not following the background check laws, have failed. ​​ The AMA’s support of the Obama Health Care Plan and now Gun Control speaks to the far and vast inroads made by leftist agendas and gun control a
dvocates who would have our second amendment rights violated.

1. ​​ Roger Collier, CMAJ JAMC, “American Medical Association Membership Woes Continue”, ​​ 2011, August 09
4. ​​ NRA-LIA, “You’ve Got Fail: Investigation into Online Gun Sales Backfires on Gun Controllers, 2018, January 05

CounterPoint :

The AMA, the largest physician’s group in the country, says it has supported gun control since the 1980’s and as recently as 2013, called the uncontrolled ownership and use of firearms “a serious threat to public health”. ​​ Funding for the Center for Disease Control to research the problem is limited, and they are vocal about their intent to lobby for​​ resources to study the problem.

In 2015 there were 36,252 deaths from firearms in the United States exceeding the number of deaths from auto accidents by 91. ​​ This means that over 100 people die daily from gunshot wounds. ​​ Over 60% of suicides in the country are committed with guns, and guns result in far more deaths to loved ones than any intruders seeking to do them harm.

6. ​​ Richard Gonzales,, “Gun Violence’ A Public Health Crisis American Medical Association Says, 2016, June 14

10. ​​ Jama Network, “Death by Gun Violence – A Public Health Crisis, 2017 November 14

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