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Americans of All Stripes Should Fear the Soft Coup

September 12, 2018 2508 4 No Comments


There is an element of American society that has come to believe that the removal of Donald Trump from the White House takes precedence over every competing priority. Some believe that could happen via impeachment in the wake of the Mueller investigation. Others believe that he might be forced to resign on his own accord. A few have taken up the longshot hope that the 25th Amendment could be invoked by his very own cabinet. Meanwhile, some support his removal by any means necessary even if it were tantamount to a soft coup. That is to take power from the elected government by any means to include those that would very well be illegal. Certainly some Conservatives dreamed of such a scenario when Obama was President, but the country never went that far. However, to an element of society opposed to Donald Trump the phrase “too far” doesn’t seem to exist in their vocabulary. That is extremely unfortunate for America as a soft coup would be ringing a bell that for lack of a better term could not be unrung. Americans, left and right, should fear the mere thought of a soft coup for there exists the point of no return in the great experiment we call America.

Human Nature is Inexplicably Dangerous
I don’t know whether it is a fair assessment to say that Americans have become more partisan in the modern era. Perhaps we just look back to the politics of the past with a certain nostalgia that masks just how nasty it has always been. Let us not forget that political divisions over a variety of issues actually brought this nation to its own 4 year long civil war. Humans haven’t changed and where our institutions fail to restrain us we are equally capable of the same. As nasty as politics has always been the institutions of America and the rule of law have kept us in check. A soft coup by any means undoes all of that and does so for good.

Either Donald Trump is dangerous for America and the 25th Amendment must be legally invoked and justified or leave the man alone and wait until 2020. Either Donald Trump is found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors by the Senate or leave him alone and wait for 2020. Apart from that, the notion that officials within this administration are actively working to undo and remove from power the elected President is unreasonably dangerous to the future of our nation.

Consider it the nuclear option if you will. When the Democrats invoked the nuclear option in the Senate to push through some of Obama’s court picks did they really think Republicans wouldn’t try it too? When Republicans failed to hold a hearing on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland and then used the nuclear option to appoint Neil Gorsuch do they really think the Democrats won’t do the same? Once you cross the political Rubicon all bets are off for the future. If you support and justify a soft coup with Donald Trump you are crossing that Rubicon for all future administrations. Why? Because human nature exists and that’s why.

The Next Presidency Will Never Be The Same
It is entirely possible that the Democrats nominate a winner in 2020 to run for the White House. It is now entirely possible that this new administration will have active agents inside of government working to undo its agenda. Why, because it has now been justified. It doesn’t matter that the agenda might just be too liberal or too conservative for one’s own liking. One need but make the selfish and independent determination that it is dangerous and then act. If Trump is indeed removed or debilitated from power by an internal soft coup then at least a third of America will be ready to support it.

If progressives use anything other than the constitution to remove Trump from power then conservatives will be ready to do the same. If they believe Trump has been removed via a soft coup they will have no problem removing the next President with a soft coup. Just like that, this experiment we call America has come to an end. The peaceful transition of power has taken place in America ever since Washington passed the baton to Adams. Half of America has always been furious at the outcome and yet, we upheld that institution. Americans, even those that loathe Donald Trump, have every reason to fear what we see taking place before our very eyes. There is very little that Donald Trump can do that would be so terrible that we couldn’t wait until 2020 to weigh in on the matter. America needs to ask itself with some sincere introspection as to what exactly is so terrible that it is worth crossing the river Rubicon. Love Trump or hate Trump, but I fear there will be no going back if this unfolds. Fear the soft coup my fellow citizens, fear it for all our’s sake.

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