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Puppy Rescue Mission: Soldiers saving puppies, puppies saving soldiers

The Puppy Rescue Mission (“TPRM”) is the brainchild of Anna, president and founding member of TPRM. Anna’s idea for TPRM began when her fiancé, Chris, was deployed to and stationed in Afghanistan. A few weeks before Chris’s arrival at his combat outpo

publish June 17, 2018 207
Pakistan’s “soft coup”

Pakistan is experiencing what some analysts are calling a “soft coup” in what could be a dangerous trend for a critical ally in the war on terror. The country has upcoming elections on July 25th, but analysts warn that the free and fair process has been ho

publish June 15, 2018 227
European Voters Giving Elites the Trump Treatment

Morgan Deane Europe has witnessed the rise of right-wing, populist, and anti-immigrant governments across Europe. Most recently, Italy saw the 5 Star Movement combine with the League Party to form a government that promised to deport immigrants, question the v

publish June 15, 2018 227
Why DiscernibleTruth?

Several days ago we published a story about a pair of surveys released by the Media Insight Project. According to the results of these surveys, the general public wants stories that are factually correct, with context and analysis that helps to bring things in

publish June 15, 2018 553
Our history with North Korea

  The White House announced a summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will take place June 12th in Singapore, marking the first meeting between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader. Earlier in May, President Trump

publish June 5, 2018 274
Supporting #MeToo is the best thing a man can do

Jeff Edwards 2017 marked a landmark year for victims of sexual harassment and assault. Women began to come forward and report incidents of harassment and assault in an effort to encourage more women to speak up. What resulted was a wave of allegations spanning

publish May 31, 2018 279

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