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Are the Democrats Ready to Apologize to Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Politics is a rough business and there are few fruits that politics will yield sweeter than a vacancy on the Supreme Court. So while the court is supposed to be apolitical, the process by which a judge ascends to the seat is anything but. One can expect a brut

publish November 8, 2018 328
Socialism Follows a Familiar Path with China’s Muslim Internment Camps

Socialism seems like a fantastic policy on the books. Who does want equality and a better life for all? In fact, if one could genetically engineer a better human the thing just might work. However, much to the dismay of socialism the planet is left with the hu

publish November 8, 2018 37
Perhaps it is Indeed Time to Reconsider the 14th Amendment

To be clear, there fails to exist a circumstance or scenario where I believe this President or any President can alter the constitution or its interpretation with an Executive Order. Any conservative who claims Trump can do after eight years of screaming about

publish November 8, 2018 31
Facing a Terrible Scenario Mattis Sends 5,000 Troops to the Border

It remains to be seen whether Trump asked for a specific number of troops to be sent in the wake of the massive migrant caravan barreling towards the border. What is discernibly true is that when the President gives James Mattis an order the Secretary of Defen

publish November 3, 2018 173
How the Democrats Saved America from Voting Democrat in November

Putting all bias on display at the very start, the author writing this article to you right now is a moderate conservative with less than stellar opinions of Trump. Granted, I’ve had to reconcile that the worst fears I had of Trump have failed to come true a

publish November 3, 2018 34
Ten Unexploded Mail Bombs and the Definition of a False Flag Operation

To be clear, that while this is an opinion-editorial and a healthy dose of opinion is kosher, I’ll try to make the distinction between fact and opinion very clear. I am of the opinion that the suspect behind the recent rash of mail bombs sent to Democrats is

publish October 27, 2018 173
U.S. General Says War with China is Maybe 15 Years Out

The man isn’t exactly Nostradamus and his warnings should not be heeded as prophecy. That being said, if you completely dismiss the words of Lt. General Ben Hodges then you clearly are not paying attention to global affairs. General Hodges was the former Com

publish October 27, 2018 333
Democrats’ Calls for Pseudo Violence Have Finally Come Home to Roost

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction according to the laws of physics. With the breaking news that explosive devices have been sent to George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton it would seem that Newton’s laws are equally applicable

publish October 25, 2018 41
If You Voted for Trump then Then Show Up for the 4th Quarter on November 6th

It is a universal maxim of sports that those who show up to play in the 4th quarter of the game emerge victorious. Those who rest on their first half laurels go home in defeat and disappointment. When Donald Trump shocked the world with his stunning upset of H

publish October 24, 2018 39
It’s Getting Really Hard to be a Never Trump Conservative These Days

Since this is an opinion-editorial, I’ll go ahead and throw out that a Never Trump conservative is writing to you write now. Personally, I thought Trump lacked a significant amount of moral authority to govern as President. Now that he is nearly two years in

publish October 24, 2018 257
A Homeschool Reason to Kill the $68 Billion Department of Education

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone. I was not personally homeschool myself and if I had to be honest, growing up in the 80’s and 90’s it seemed like the homeschool kids were all the weird ones. Fast forward some 30 years later and my wife homeschools our t

publish October 23, 2018 39
How the GOP Became a Wasted Voted in the New Mexico Senate Race

In what is perhaps one of the great ironies of America’s terrible two party system, independent/Libertarian Gary Johnson is the only reasonable and rational vote for anyone opposed to advancing the liberal agenda in New Mexico. A “wasted vote” is a term

publish October 23, 2018 31

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