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Russia claims to eliminate head of ISIS in airstrike

Russia used a Su-34 aircraft and a Su-35 multirole fighter to carry out airstrikes near an ISIS stronghold in Raqqa, Syria, on May 28, 2017. The strikes targeted a meeting of high-ranking IS chiefs where al-Baghdadi was reportedly present. Russia is still wai

publish June 21, 2017 432
The new arms race: artificial intelligence

There is a new arms race that isn’t nuclear but is instead a race to build robotics and autonomous weapons that have artificial intelligence (AI). Some have partial AI capabilities, which means that these weapons systems would still have a human ultimate

publish June 12, 2017 374
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Jeb Bush warns robots taking US Jobs is NOT Science Fiction

Jeb Bush warns robots taking US Jobs is not science fiction? Is our educational system outdated? And seriously in need of an over Haul? April 2, 2017 Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush went on a 970Am in New York on the John Catsimatidis show. He came out talkin

publish June 12, 2017 500
Resistance Summer

Are the Democrats and coming together to not only host protests but also to train others how to have protests all across the United States? Today I came across this information about Resistance Summer. I first noticed this is hosted by W

publish June 4, 2017 508
Did Trump Collude With Russia?

The media has stated that the Russians interfered on behalf of Trump during the presidential election. One of the significant pieces of evidence is the information released by WikiLeaks. The DNC was hacked on December 16, 2015, in an attack the Democrats claim

publish June 4, 2017 363
Cyber-bully laws

  May 31, 2017 updated October 11, 2017 Research finds that youth being bullied are more likely to be depressed, which could lead to thoughts and actions of suicide. Bullying, cyber-bullying, hazing, abusive conduct and retaliation are all included in the Uta

publish May 31, 2017 1336
Battle over Dakota access pipeline continues

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe says a “rogue group of protesters” have put their cause at risk after reports that the 1,172-mile Dakota Access Pipeline project may have cleared a final hurdle. At least 70 people were arrested near the camp Wednesday

publish May 27, 2016 568
Women’s March excludes women who disagree on controversial issues

Women from across the United States marched today as a protest against Trump and an effort to protect women’s rights. One of the major concerns cited by the group is that Trump will not only not promote women’s rights, but may actively campaign aga

publish May 27, 2016 582

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