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DT Daily: GOP House leader would like to speak with Twitter honcho about company practices

Steve Burns August 6, 2018 44 No Comments


Social media heavyweight Twitter has been in the headlines frequently in recent days, and it’s not for positive reasons. Numerous reports have emerged that the company is engaging in a practice known as ‘shadow banning’ of certain voices. Those voices just so happen to belong to prominent conservatives, and that’s not helping to quell concerns that the platform and other tech titans are attempting to censure the conservative side of the spectrum as much as possible.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) is among those who are less than pleased with recent developments. He’s decided that it would be a good idea if company CEO Jack Dorsey takes a trek to Capitol Hill to have a chat about the company’s business practices and whatnot. McCarthy requested a hearing with Dorsey in a letter he fired off to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR).

“Any solution to this problem must start with accountability from companies like Twitter, whose platforms have enormous potential to impact the national conversation — and unfortunately, enormous potential for abuse,” McCarthy wrote. “In particular, I would like to request a hearing with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey so that the American people can learn more about the filtering and censorship practices on his platform.”

Walden thinks that would be a fine idea, and he released a statement indicating that an invitation would be sent out to Dorsey before too long.

“Even well-intentioned algorithms can have unintended consequences. I look forward to welcoming Mr. Dorsey to testify before the Energy and Commerce Committee at a date and time to be agreed upon,” said Walden.

Perhaps Dorsey can do a better job of explaining what the heck is going on with his platform than his employees have done so far. On the whole, the company has clumsily attempted to explain that there’s nothing to see here, and any statements attached to the issue have been ripe with awkwardness and finger pointing.

“For the most part, we believe the issue had more to do with how other people were interacting with these representatives’ accounts than the accounts themselves,” the company shared in a blog post.

While it’s far from a secret that the tech industry appears to lean really hard to the Left, the recent actions of Twitter and other giants in the sector are downright disconcerting. Exactly what do they believe they are accomplishing by attempting to stifle and castrate an entire political ideology?

For a short answer, to date the accomplishments can be summarized as they have completely destroyed anything resembling credibility with a wide swath of the country. Outside of that, we suppose they are just doing a super swell job running thier businesses, besides the never-ending security problems, shady collection of user data, and…

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