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DT Daily: MSNBC is now being kind enough to ‘vet’ the president’s words for viewers

Steve Burns November 6, 2018 21 No Comments


As the preferred network of the so-called resistance, MSNBC is essentially all anti-Trump, all the time. It’s unclear why the network doesn’t use that as a tagline, but we’ll be happy to transfer rights to the phrasing with no strings attached.

Most viewers who remain grounded in reality have a general idea of what to expect when they mistakenly turn the dial to MSNBC, but we would imagine there are some viewers hold out hope that the network will at least cut out the nonsense when something important is going on. Sadly, that expectation is wildly off the mark.

MSNBC personalities stick to their carefully crafted script at all times, facts, actual news, and consequences be damned. For example, on Thursday, the President of the United States announced he would be delivering some remarks to the nation on immigration from the White House.

Pretty newsworthy, no? Certainly a channel that alleges to be dedicated to the news would be carrying these remarks live, right? I mean if they didn’t, that would just be flat out ridiculous, wouldn’t it?

Common sense suggests that MSNBC would carry the remarks live, but they found other topics to be of more importance. However, they were at least kind enough to acknowledge the president’s speech after it was over.

The Daily Caller explains.

MSNBC later told viewers that they wanted to “vet” Trump’s speech for viewers before airing any part of it.

“We chose not to air that speech live and instead to vet it for you. We listened to those remarks, which offered no new policy specifics, and simply echoed his campaign rhetoric. Here’s a clip that’s fit to air,” anchor Nicolle Wallace said.

Despite her claim that the speech contained “no new policy specifics,” reporter Hans Nichols said later, “I think we just heard the president trying to change the points of entries on asylum seekers.”

Nichols also admitted that the authorization of force against caravaners who used rocks is an “entirely new policy.”

Seriously? Could the network possibly be any more condescending? Quite simply, this is a dereliction of duty on the part of MSNBC. Period. It’s time for the network to stop claiming that it’s a reputable news outlet. MSNBC has completely jumped the shark to become a propaganda machine. Nothing more, nothing less.

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