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Berating Trump officials in public is American politics at its absolute worst

Jeff Edwards

June 25, 2018


Jeff Edwards White House press secretary Sarah Sanders knows a thing or two about taking a little heat. Presumably, it comes with the job when you have to be the face and voice of a President in a highly partisan world. Despite the verbal abuse that comes with

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Kelly Defends Robert E. Lee’s Place in American History


November 8, 2017


JOHN KELLY DEFENDS ROBERT E. LEE _ John Hesley 2017 November 07 The Bare Bones White House Chief of staff, John Kelly, spoke highly of Robert E. Lee, inferring that monuments to Confederate heroes of The Civil War are not racist.(4) Kelly said the controversy

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Is DNC’s Racism is OK, it’s Against Straight White Males


November 4, 2017


  Is DNC’s Racism OK? It’s Against Straight White Males Photo Obtained from the DAILYWIRE _Daniel R Theesfeld, MD 2017 November 04 The Bare-Bones On October 30, 2017, the DNC flaunts its RACISM openly as it is directed against white straight men.

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