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Partisan Politics Aside, John McCain Warrants National Respect

Jeff Edwards

August 25, 2018


It is an entirely disingenuous thing to honor our nation’s veterans if you plan to rescind that honor should they take up political positions not to your liking. As a Marine veteran of Iraq myself, I can’t count the numerous times I’ve been given the ubi

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Alex Jones is an Idiot Who Deserves Free Speech

Jeff Edwards

August 9, 2018


There is very little redeeming about Alex Jones’ shtick as a raving lunatic on InfoWars. I call it a shtick as no one as crazy as he comes across could likely be sane enough to host a show let alone put his pants on by himself in the morning. Beyond ridiculo

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Has the media’s ‘Trump’s a liar’ narrative jumped the shark yet?

Steve Burns

June 25, 2018


According to the mainstream press, President Donald Trump tells a ton of tall tales. Trump allegedly lies so often that there’s a need to parse each and every participle he utters to weed out the mistruths and falsehoods. From that point, the press translate

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Kelly Defends Robert E. Lee’s Place in American History


November 8, 2017


JOHN KELLY DEFENDS ROBERT E. LEE _ John Hesley 2017 November 07 The Bare Bones White House Chief of staff, John Kelly, spoke highly of Robert E. Lee, inferring that monuments to Confederate heroes of The Civil War are not racist.(4) Kelly said the controversy

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