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Critics allege Trump trampled on civil, LGBT rights

March 23, 2017 522 77 No Comments


On the day of Trump’s inauguration, many claimed that he had removed the pages for LGBT rights, civil rights, climate change, and many other hot-button issues. Investigation revealed that these charges were true, but not the whole truth. As Paul Harvey used to say, there’s a “rest of the story” that’s worth understanding.

These topics were indeed removed, but it was not these just these specific topics. During the transfer of power for every President since the creation of the website, everything is removed and rearranged for the incoming President. Before it is removed it is archived and moved to a new website, and the website is overhauled to display only the things the current administration is doing. If you go back to when Obama took office from Bush the same thing happened.

Washington Post’s piece on rights being taken down:

Snopes reaction to the claim.
The Daily Caller explains what happened on site.
Please click these links to visit the Bush and Obama site archives.

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