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Fake Media

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Fake Media – All Things Trump

Debbie Hancock
2018​​ January 08

  • Since Donald Trump began his campaign in late 2015, only 5% of coverage reported by the main stream media has been positive. (2)

  • Only 20% of coverage by the media for Barack Obama during his campaign and presidency was negative. (2)

  • The biggest fake news reported by the media throughout Trump’s campaign, even up until the last polling places checked in on election night, was that he would never be able to win the highest office in the United States. (1)

  • Investment bankers, economics professors and the like predicted the stock market would crash and instigate a global recession should Trump be elected. (5)

  • As of this writing, the stock market just closed at 25,385 – a jump of over 6,000 points since Trump’s election and has reached over eighty daily record highs.

  • Unemployment rates are down, consumer confidence is up, and the global economy has not taken a nose dive.

  • Liberals and TV personalities such as Joy Behar of “The View” jumped for “joy” while the stock market plunged 350 points when Brian Ross of ABC News falsely reported that Trump had asked Michael Flynn to contact the Russians during the campaign. (3)

  • Brian Ross was later suspended for 4 weeks (only) by ABC News when it was noted that his report had one little error in it – Trump did not ask Flynn to contact the Russians until he was President-elect, not when he was Candidate Trump. (3)

  • After beating the drums of the Russian Collusion story with no evidence yet, the media has now taken up the fake news story that Trump is mentally ill and should be removed from office per the 25th Amendment. (8)

2015,​​ June

  • 2015 June 19 - Comedian Bill Maher asks conservative author and pundit, Ann Coulter, which Republican candidate could win the presidential election – when she replies Donald Trump, she is almost laughed off of his show, “Real Time with Bill Maher”.

  • 2016 November 09 – In the wee hours of the morning, the 2016 presidential election is called for Donald Trump who becomes the 45th president of the United States. (1)

  • 2015 November 09 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 257 points on Wednesday after the election in defiance of those who predicted Trump’s election would bring about a ​​ plunge in the stock market. ​​ 

  • 2017 August 23 – James Clapper, former Intelligence agent, states he doesn’t think Trump is mentally fit to hold office and says he is worried about the President’s access to nuclear codes, unleashing a crowd of psychiatrists who have never met Trump, to start publishing their bogus diagnoses. ​​ (8)

  • 2017 December 02 – Brian Ross is suspended for 4 weeks by ABC News for his erroneous Flynn story (3)

  • 2016 January 05 – Michael Wolff, a writer whose previous work has been questioned for accuracy, has his book “Fire and Fury” published early – a book loaded with false stories about Trump’s mental fitness which Wolff has subsequently admitted may not be true.  ​​​​ A stock market crash, again, is predicted. ​​ The market continues to close at record highs.

When Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, it threw the main stream media into a fear frenzy never before seen in this country. ​​ They were caught completely off guard that American citizens had chosen their own president without permission from the media – they made the mistake of believing their own fake news that he could never win.  ​​​​ Polls going into the election showed Clinton with a slight lead while Trump ended up with 306​​ electoral votes to Hillary’s 232. ​​ Fake polls perhaps? ​​ A few months prior, Ann Coulter, a guest on “Real Time with Bill Maher”, was met with huge laughter and looks of complete consternation when she correctly predicted a Trump win. ​​ Other network anchors and narrators had all said it was impossible for Trump to win, including President Obama. (1) (2)

The media breathlessly speculated that the stock markets would crash if Trump were somehow to miraculously win the election and there would be a worldwide recession, with depths we had never seen.  ​​​​ Instead, much to their chagrin, the markets did not plunge but have reached daily record highs over 80 times with an overall growth of upwards of 23% during Trump’s first year in office. (6)

Throughout his presidency, the media has been relentless in their attempts to undermine his presidency and accomplishments even at the expense of the American people. Donald Trump has fought fake news, his own party, the Democrats and just about all other entities imaginable to try and achieve his goals and keep his promise to make America great again. ​​ As the left seeks to take him out of office, they have chased the Russian collusion story ad nauseum.

Joy Behar, of “The View” literally jumped for “joy”, when Brian Ross of ABC News, citing a single anonymous source, falsely reported that Michael Flynn had agreed to testify that CANDIDATE Trump requested Michael Flynn make contact with the Russians. ​​ The giddy anti-Trumpers could hardly contain their happiness at the thought of throwing the country into a constitutional crisis just to get the man who was dually elected by the people out of office.  ​​​​ The story proved to be incorrect as it was President ELECT Trump who made the request, dashing the left’s hopes once again. ​​ The network later retracted the story but not before it was retweeted 25,000 times and the stock market had fallen over 350 points at the news. ​​ For his loathsome error, ​​ Ross was suspended for only 4 weeks and disallowed to report on Trump again. ​​ (3)

Failing any evidence of Trump/Russian collusion, the anti-Trump movement has now turned their attention to Trump’s mental health. ​​ Senator Bob Corker stated back in Au-gust that President Trump “hasn’t been able to demonstrate the stability needed for success and recommended he move way beyond himself”. ​​ James Clapper, a former member of the Intelligence agency, also questioned Trump’s fitness to be in this office and said he was worried about the President’s access to the nuclear codes. ​​ In an article published in Psychology Today entitled “60,000 Psychologists Say Trump Has Serious Mental Illness” turned out out to be a false and misleading headline as the article merely stated that there was a petition signed by 60,000 people asking for Trump’s removal due to mental instability – signed by Tom, Dick and Harry – not all professionals. (8)

The final “book of lies”, “Fire and Fury” was recently published where the author, Michael Wolff claims that 100% of those in the White House think that Trump is mentally deficient – Really? His daughter and his family said that? ​​ Wolff, himself, in recent interviews, has said that maybe everything in the book is not exactly true. ​​ He also states he will not be releasing any of his so-called tapes from the interviews with these people. ​​ Wonder why!

Donald Trump has been fair game for the media and any other persons or entities who care to take a journalistic shot at him. ​​ He has complained since the campaign began, that he has been treated unfairly by the media with countless lies and false tales about him and his family. ​​ According to the Pew Research Center the 5% negative coverage he has received is substantially worse than the negative coverage that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush at 27% and 22%, respectively received who were considered the two former presidents with the most negative coverage in their first year of their presidencies. (2)


Helping educate our members understand the bigger picture.

  • The polling the night before the election and all the main stream media suggested that Hillary Clinton would likely be the 45th president of the United States – Donald Trump, instead, ​​ became that person. ​​ (1)

  • During the campaign, President Obama said on a late night talk show, that while he might go down in history as the worst president, ( a tweet from Trump) at least he would go down as a president, meaning, of course, that Trump could never do that.

  • While the media continues to talk about Trump’s failed agenda and lies by omission about his many accomplishments, Trump’s plan for the country is soaring with decreased illegal immigration, passage of a massive tax cut, a decrease in our national debt, removal of more business regulations than any other president, record number of jobs creation, strengthening the military and all but eliminating ISIS, just to name a very few.  ​​​​ He has done this IN SPITE of their lies. (10)

  • President Trump is now fighting media lies over his​​ mental fitness to hold office.

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Story inspired by:

1. ​​ Christian Datoc, Daily Caller, Kellyanne Pistol Whips Robby Mook, 2016 December 02


Despite the influence of a media clearly on the side of the left and “Never Trumper’s, the President has been able to achieve much more of his agenda in his first year than the media would have you believe. (1)

The glooming depression and predicted crashing markets have not materialized but, in fact, the economy is vastly improving, regulations that choke business growth have been removed and the stock markets are at all-time highs. ​​ By stepping out of the status quo of the last 8 years, Trump has been able to create a healthy economy and, more is expected. ​​ Unless people follow the markets or listen to alternative news outlets, they will probably not know this. ​​ (5)

CounterPoint :

The President has invited some of the push back he has received from the media with his provocative tweets toward them. ​​ In one tweet before he was elected, he said that “President Obama would go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States” to which Obama replied that at least he would “go down as a president” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

To be fair, the media does publish other fake news unrelated to Donald Trump. ​​ Last January the Washington Post published a headline that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont. ​​ They said that a code associated with the Russian hacking operation had been detected within the system of a Vermont utility. ​​ As it turned out, the narrative was completely false, and the Post had to retract the entire story.

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