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Fake news: As the left sees it, Trump is to blame for natural disasters too

September 17, 2018 93 5 No Comments


While the left has been collectively losing its mind ever since the results of the 2016 presidential election became clear, this week has marked yet another turning point. As Hurricane Florence approached the US East Coast, we were treated to new levels of absurdity that can only be described as previously unfathomable.

While there is more than enough to talk about with the storm itself, that wasn’t anywhere close to being good enough for the mainstream press. Instead, the storm was merely used as backdrop for additional rounds of Trump bashing.

For example, viewers that had tuned into cable news early in the week for some updates on the storm were treated to some basic info at the top of the hour, which was quickly followed by yet another panel discussion that completely shredded Trump and his administration for all kinds of things.

Gradually, the powers that be behind the scenes had themselves a light bulb moment, and we were treated to the absurd reasoning that the president is somehow responsible for storms. To wit, check out this downright insulting headline from the formerly-respected Washington Post.

“Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit,” reads a Washington Post headline

for an alleged opinion piece.

Conveniently, WaPo provided cover for itself by calling it an opinion piece, but the bottom line remains that the editorial department at a paper which many laughably view as the paper of record gave a green light to a deranged conspiracy theory from a climate activist.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only example of wasted real estate on the interwebs or massive insults to our collective national intelligence. As always, the Huffington Post was in the running for top prize on most ridiculous and inflammatory headline of the week.

“6 Years Ago, North Carolina Chose To Ignore Rising Sea Levels. This Week It Braces For Disaster,” reads a headline from the Huffington Post.

For that piece, the author basically lamented that North Carolina rejected sketchy claims about climate change several years ago. As such, the author makes the case that the state is essentially getting what it deserves now.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the press took the wraps off of one of its greatest hits from last year. An ungodly amount of time was spent discussing last year’s Hurricane Maria and the toll it took on Puerto Rico. In a nutshell, the press pushed forth hyperbolic claims that were based on estimates and presented them as facts. Trump pushed back, and the story descended from there.

The press obliterated Trump from having the audacity to discuss such a thing, but they completely fail to acknowledge that they were the ones to bring it up in the first place. Here’s how it all started:

Trump was in the Oval Office for a FEMA briefing on Tuesday. He took questions from a White House pool reporter afterwards. Instead of focusing on the reason for being there – i.e. Hurricane Florence – the reporter decided to ask about last year’s storm. Trump noted he was pleased with the administration’s response, and the story exploded almost immediately afterwards.

It was yet another manufactured controversy from the press that was solely based on its own questions and subsequently twisting the president’s response. While many folks unfortunately fall for the nonsense, those who are well aware of the media’s modus operandi can see right through the wool they attempt to pull over the eyes of viewers and readers.

Lost in all of the hysterics, hyperbole, and ridiculousness of the week was coverage befitting a major natural disaster. While some outlets slightly lowered the pitchforks when the storm got closer, the overriding message of Trump being bad was still a big part of the focus.

That’s nothing short of sad. We sincerely hope the mainstream press will someday realize how abhorrent their collective behavior has become in the Trump era, but we’re not going to hold our breath. Quite frankly, it doesn’t appear like they give a damn as long as they get their carefully crafted talking points out there.

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