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Fake News: No, criticism of George Soros is not a ‘dog whistle’

November 8, 2018 52 1 No Comments


The left certainly seems to hear an inordinate amount of dog whistles. How else can we explain the use of the term over and over and over again? Perhaps they just like the sound of the phrase and believe it makes them sound like they are in the know or something, but the reality is that the phrase has completely jumped the shark.

For the uninitiated, leftist propagandists have taken to use the term dog whistle to label just about any kind of speech they disagree with. Since those who fall into this category are fanatically obsessed with identity politics, they basically find racist undertones in just about anything that doesn’t carry the liberal echo chamber stamp of approval.

We can only presume that they feel this is an effective strategy for advancing their talking points, as a countless number of pundits have been working the phrase in wherever they can: in print, on the tube, on the interwebs, and of course, on social media. It’s even going beyond the political types too.

Check out this diatribe from Samantha Bee, an alleged comedian who just so happens to be a darling of the left, as shared by Mediaite.

The Full Frontal host said the Republican Party not only “tolerates” anti-Semitism but “benefits” from it as well.

 “Mainstream conservatives would never say anything negative about Jewish people outright but there are other words they use like ‘coastal elites,’ ‘globalists,’ ‘Hollywood liberals’ or ‘Jon Leibowitz‘ [aka Jon Stewart],” Bee told her viewers. “And currently the biggest, loudest dog whistle is George Soros.” 

Bee explained that Soros is a “billionaire investor and Jewish Holocaust survivor who created a charitable foundation called Open Society,” but that people on the right believe he’s a “demonic, Nazi, commie super villain” who “controls everything.” 

“This sleepy old Ziadie is not a puppet master,” Bee continued. “He may be wealthy and influential but he does not control the government, the weather, or anyone’s poops, aside, I hope, from his own.” 

She then accused several prominent GOP lawmakers of being anti-Semitic by invoking George Soros and blamed the “dog whistles” for inspiring the Trump-supporting bomber to mail a pipe bomb to his house.

Got it. So criticizing a billionaire liberal mega-donor is a big no-no, but comparing the President of the United States to a fascist dictator is perfectly fine? What planet are we on when such a line of thinking is advanced as one which makes sense?

The left’s beating into the ground of various talking points and turns of phrase is far from the only thing about their collective behavior which has jumped the shark. Do we really need an entire nation of hall monitors running around and needling everyone that doesn’t swill liberal-flavored Kool-Aid?

Quite frankly, it’s getting to be downright ridiculous. Unhinged leftist mobs are targeting those who do not march in lockstep with them, and then having the audacity to not only claim that they are doing nothing of the kind, but actually alleging that’s what their opponents are doing.

It’s sheer insanity, and it’s high time for Democratic leaders who actually care about the future of this nation to reel in the mobs and proclaim that enough is enough with the divisiveness. In the meantime, perhaps the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party can find some new turns of phrase. The ones they have beaten into the ground have lost any semblance of use or effectiveness whatsoever.

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