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Fake News: No, the president is not personally responsible for deranged mail bombers

November 3, 2018 39 2 No Comments


The concept of personal accountability has been seemingly dying a slow death for years. Sure, there are plenty of folks out there who live their lives in stand-up fashion and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the masters of their own destinies. However, there has also been an alarming spike in the number of people who instead choose to live their lives playing the blame game.

Those who fall into this category always have a story at the ready to explain their current predicament or lot in life. Rarely does the explanation include a decision that they have made which led them to where they are. Finger pointing rules the day in their worlds, and we this behavior carrying over all over the place: on the tube, on the interwebs, and of course throughout the vast world of social media.

Personal accountability is still hanging on and taking shallow breaths as we speak, but it sure took a heckuva beating this week. To recap, an apparently deranged and unhinged person has sent out a slew of fake mail bombs to famous Democratic figures, celebrities, and even a cable news network. The common thread among the targets was that they have all been vocal critics of President Donald Trump at various times.

This is the only part of the story that seems to matter to the mainstream press and Democratic leaders. Despite strong condemnations and calls for unity from the White House and the commander-in-chief, the story has evolved into yet another referendum on Trump. To wit, the prevailing talking points suggest that Trump’s leadership and/or remarks are driving people to mail out bombs.

If one subscribes to that line of thinking, are we also to presume that unhinged rhetoric from the left is what drove a deranged gunman to open fire at a GOP baseball practice last year? Have calls from Democratic leaders to become confrontational with those who you disagree with the catalyst for an alarming number of frightening instances in which GOP officials have been stalked and harrassed?

There are plenty of more points to add to the list, but the bottom line is this: the answer is no, as those who engage in such unhinged actions are solely responsible for their own actions. This is not a difficult concept to understand, but it seems to be remarkably hard to grasp among critics of the president these days.

For this entire week, we have played witness to the most irresponsible reporting that one could imagine on the topic. On the broadcast networks of ABC, NBC, and CBS, cable news outlets CNN and MSNBC, and via various left-leaning publications with the New York Times and Washington Post leading the charge, the same exact talking points are being parroted out to imply that the president is somehow responsible for this situation.

Let’s think this through for a second. If we assume that each of the above outlets has their own editorial and production departments, not to mention reporters and personalities, one would also assume that they have something resembling independent thought. However, that hasn’t been the case. The same exact talking points are being used by each and every one of them – over and over and over again.

How is this possible that so many outlets can think the same exact thing at the exact same time? Does that not come across as even the slightest bit odd? Of course it does. It’s all about controlling the narrative, and this one suggests that the president is bad and he makes people do bad stuff as a result.

If we follow this absurd line of thinking, fingers can be pointed on just about anything. Sadly, this behavior is already beyond prevalent, and it just received a big old stamp of approval from dozens upon dozens of talking heads. Congratulations Democratic leaders and mainstream press! You have just reinforced this irresponsible approach to life as being perfectly fine and normal.

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