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FBI Incompetence and Trump’s Guilt are Not Mutually Exclusive

June 15, 2018 889 6 No Comments


Jeff Edwards

Meaning, the two can coexist. That’s the summation of this article’s title. It is entirely possible that the FBI failed in one regard or the other and that Trump is guilty of crimes for which he is being investigated. An Inspector General’s report came out this week indicating that James Comey and a variety of Justice Department officials were found in breach of standard protocols. The same report claimed that there was no political bias at play, but that either incompetence or insubordination was at play during the investigation of Hillary Clinton. One can dispute the findings of the Inspector General, but one also doesn’t have one’s own Inspector General to conduct a simultaneous investigation. As far as the average American peon goes, this is as close to the discernible truth as he or she can come.

Truthfully, every American should applaud the report as one can’t undo what has already been done. We can make this nation better by improving from lessons learned. There is clearly some cleaning up to do at the FBI, and if we want an independent agency dedicated to the pursuit of justice, we need them to learn. Sadly, this review is being viewed entirely through the prism of the Trump v. Comey saga. Namely, the assumption that if one party is indicted, it vindicates the other. What happened here is an unfortunate turn of events for America and revolves around neither Trump nor Comey. Trump’s guild and Comey’s failures are also not mutually exclusive, meaning the two can coexist. There can be wrong on both sides.

While Comey was investigating the misuse of email by Hillary Clinton, Trump was engaged in his campaign for President. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia was engaged in a campaign to aid in the election of Donald Trump. This much is beyond dispute, whether Trump knew of it or not. Has anyone considered that while Comey was floundering on the Clinton investigation that it is entirely possible the Trump campaign was simultaneously breaching law with Russia? The converse is equally possible: while Trump was innocently pursuing the Presidency, Comey could have innocently been doing his best to handle a very difficult case during a tumultuous election.

Neither man’s actions indicate the innocence, guilt, competence, or incompetence of the other. America deserves justice and accountability for both. Only Comey or Trump benefit from ignoring one wrongdoing because of the other. America benefits from ignoring neither. America deserves to know the truth about the Trump campaign and its alleged collusion with Russia. America deserves to know the truth about whether Trump intentionally obstructed the investigation. America is not better off with one particular outcome or the other. America is better off with the truth. Equally, America is better off with an FBI and Justice Department that doesn’t flub the biggest investigations of its time.

Both can be guilty. Both can be innocent. Or one can be as the other is not. The two are not mutually exclusive, and America deserves the discernible truth on both. For the two men in question, what is good for one is bad for the other and vice versa. For America, we just need the facts. America is bigger than either man, and future generations depend on our generation getting this tumultuous season in American history right. It might pain the political soul of an individual to have “their side” lose, but America deserves justice that is blind. Perhaps this debate is not Trump v. Comey after all. Perhaps this debate is America with itself.

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