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How the Democrats Saved America from Voting Democrat in November

November 3, 2018 32 2 No Comments


Putting all bias on display at the very start, the author writing this article to you right now is a moderate conservative with less than stellar opinions of Trump. Granted, I’ve had to reconcile that the worst fears I had of Trump have failed to come true and to be honest, things seem to be going pretty well right now. The economy is roaring, America is winning the feared trade wars, ISIS is obliterated and Trump has not made Vladimir Putin his Vice President. Apart from the occasional cringe worthy tweet or unscripted comment there is very little for those of conservative thought to complain about these days. What complaints we do have are put to bed when we look at the Supreme Court and two new constitutionalist jurists. That being said, it is easy for those with a strong dislike of Trump to view the upcoming midterms as a chance to repudiate the man for his demeanor. A sort of demerit or strong talking too, if the Dems win big in November then there is this sense that it will take Trump to task. As a result, a person of conservative thought could easily flirt with the idea of voting blue this coming midterm. That was, until the Democrats did what they do best and remind us all why voting for them in November would be disastrous for America. Thank you Dems for saving America from voting blue.

Not Until the Fat Lady Sings
Many have taken for granted the fact that the Democrats will regain the House in November. Historical trends say the President’s party loses big during his first midterm and Trump has certainly galvanized the opposition into action. That being said, the Republicans look to pick up seats in the Senate and thanks to the Democrats, holding the line in the House certainly looks possible. So what changed? What took apathetic conservatives willing to sit out or vote blue and turned them into a red tsunami that may very well defy history? The Democrats went full Democrat in an election year. Everyone knows you never go full Democrat in an election year and it may very well have saved the House for the GOP.

Now, I must admit that this is an opinion-editorial so the above opinions are kosher and pass journalistic muster. What happened to now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was a terrible tragedy and showed the Democrats in their true colors. Somehow and for some reason, the Democrats in the Senate forgot that the primaries are more than over and appealed to the broader public with leftist tactics any moderate would despise. They defamed and destroyed Brett Kavanaugh with unproven allegations in order to appease their base. Newsflash Democrats, your base was always going to vote for you. It was the moderates you needed and you blew it big with Brett Kavanaugh. However, that was just the start of it.

Enter the Inconvenient Leftist Mob
As if defaming a man in the public forum were not enough, the Democrats took a radical group of far left protestors and adopted them as their own. Now, I know enough Democrats to know that they are not the type of people to mob up and chase the political opposition out of restaurants. So why in the world the Democratic leadership decided to endorse and call for such tactics is beyond me. Maxine Waters said to group up and push back on them. Corey Booker called to get in their face. Eric Holder said to literally “kick them.” Hillary Clinton said this election is no time to be civil and that they could only be civil when and if they win. This type of mob rule and mentality is abhorrent to the bulk of Americans and yet, the Democrats endorsed it at the highest levels.

So a moderate conservative who dislikes Trump or perhaps maybe just decided to give him a chance in 2016 is now reminded as to the alternative. Conservatives already had to come to grips with the fat that as far as conservative vision goes that Trump seems to be killing it. Now, they have the choice to decide what’s worse. Cringe worthy tweets or the public defamation of a man and his family. Unscripted gaffes or unruly mobs calling for the violent confrontation of any and all political opposition? The Democrats had a huge advantage coming into November and they blew it by going full Democrat in an election. Everyone knows you never go full Democrat in an election and yet, this just might have saved America from voting blue in November.

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