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How the Far Left Reminded Conservatives to Fear them Most of All in November

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Fear is a powerful motivator and has been the source of political inspiration for centuries. This is a fact that didn’t escape the greatest tyrants of history as they capitalized and stoked fear for political power. Many have accused Donald Trump of doing as much as he railed against the dangers of illegal immigrants, radical Islamic terrorists and socialism. Occasionally though, a party in opposition gifts genuine fear to their political opponents. Socialism has indeed been responsible for some of the greatest evils of the modern era. Fascist opposed to dissenting thought have indeed been known to break up rallies and assault the political opposition. Tyrants have indeed been known to convict innocent men so as to silence and remove them from power. In one shape, fashion or form, radical elements of the Democratic Party have embraced every one of these historical evils and it’s reminding conservatives why they fear them the most.

The End of #NeverTrump
When Donald Trump was elected President, there was a sizeable contingent of conservatives who vowed that they could never in any scenario support Donald Trump. Fast forward two years and we have to constitutional jurist on the Supreme Court, progress in North Korea, a booming economy not seen in 50 years and a first taste of success in the trade wars with a new NAFTA deal. Truth be told, it is hard for conservatives to find a great deal to complain about with Donald Trump right now. Yet, there are still those who are opposed to Trump on grounds of morality and virtue. While they appreciate what Trump has done, they fear the man at his worst. That was until the Democrats keep reminding them why they should fear the far left most of all.

Democrats could easily win over moderate never Trump conservatives by espousing free market virtues and yet, socialists Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are the new darlings of the Democratic Party. Democrats would win over never Trumpers by demonstrating a civility in political discourse that Trump often lacks. Yet, Democratic politicians are calling to harass conservatives in public and leftist tribalistic mobs run people out of restaurants and rip MAGA hats off young Trump supporters. Democrats could appeal to the rule of law as they scoff at what seems like President Trump willing to run afoul of the law. And yet, they try to shame, convict in the court of public opinion and ruin the life of a Supreme Court justice over an unprovable charge from High School that was in fact refuted by any named persons supposedly present. I’ll confess as the author of this op-ed that I too was once a Never Trump conservative. Thank you to the far left for reminding me as to what I truly fear most for this nation.

Socialism, Angry Mobs and Innocent Until Proven Guilty
If you doubt that the left has embraced socialism, just look at their now willingness to embrace it by name. It used to be that we had wade through nuance from the left to discover their true agenda. They claimed taxes were about the rich paying their fair share and that they were simply trying to offer people a hand up. Never in the United States of America would it have been politically viable to campaign on socialism given its wretched effect on human history. Yet, here we are and my fellow Americans are frighteningly embracing it. The United States of America has become the greatest nation on the face of the planet embracing individual liberty over collectivism. Should we tarry in the opposite direction we ought not be surprised when we get an opposite result from our historic prosperity.

Politics has rarely been civil as it pulls upon both the best and worst of human nature. We don’t like to lose, but for over 200 years this nation has accepted the fact that half of us will indeed lose every election. The left’s calls for violence and disruption of political and personal activities of the opposition demonstrates that they have lost the ability to accept a loss. There can be no peaceful transition of power if the flames of such tribalistic behavior are stoked by political leaders from the left.

Finally, a man or women in America should be considered innocent until proven guilty. When the Democrats attempted to impute non-criminal consequences on Brett Kavanaugh in order to stop his nomination it showed that they have abandoned this basic pretext of the rule of law. It reminds us what is at stake during these midterms. Those of us who disliked Trump have now had a refresher course as to why were conservatives in the first place. This November our President is not on the ballot. Socialism is on the ballot. Tribalistic mobs are on the ballot. The rule of law is on the ballot. One can only hope that Americans will choose well and choose wisely this November.

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