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New “Memo” From Senate Committee Expands Upon Alleged Clinton Campaign Role in Instigating Trump-Russia FBI Investigation

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New “Memo” From Senate Committee Expands Upon Alleged Clinton Campaign Role in Instigating Trump-Russia FBI Investigation

M.J. Moye
2018 February 6

  • On​​ the heels of last Friday’s public release of the House Intelligence Committee’s Republican “Nunes” Memo​​​​ that highlights potential Department of Justice/FBI abuses of power in securing warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign and​​ Transition, The Senate Judiciary Committee is pushing to publicly reveal a new “Memo” that further shows how the Clinton Campaign may have instigated the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. (1)

  • Evidence continues to mount that much of the impetus​​ behind the DOJ/FBI investigation into Trump-Russia collusion was spurred by allegations contained in what is known as the “Steele Dossier,” an opposition research report paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton Campaign. (2) This unverified (and largely debunked) dossier contains salacious allegations of sexual misconduct and shady financial dealings by Trump, and suggests the Russians had been using this information as a form of ongoing blackmail against him. It was drafted by​​ former British intelligence agency officer, Christopher Steele, on behalf of Fusion GPS, a lobbying/research firm used by the Clinton Campaign. (3)

  • The Senate Judiciary Committee, which has been investigating the alleged Russian role in the 2016 election, asked the FBI in January to investigate former British intelligence agency officer, Christopher Steele, who was hired to conduct the research behind the dossier. Republicans on the committee now wants to make this criminal referral public, as the information behind the referral is linked to the Nunes Memo released by the House Intelligence Committee on Friday. Heavily redacted information within the Senate Memo apparently suggests that Clinton Campaign operatives were feeding information to Steele as he developed the​​ dossier. As noted by top Republican Senators in their call for full disclosure: “It is troubling enough that the Clinton Campaign funded Mr. Steel’s work, but that these Clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding Mr. Steel allegations raises additional concerns about his credibility.” (1, 2)

  • In seeking declassification of their memo, the Senate Republicans point out that the FBI claims in opposition to the public release of the Nunes Memo “mischaracterize[d] and misstate[d]” the level of classified​​ material that needed to be protected. (1)

  • The DOJ and FBI have been stonewalling Republican-led Congressional committees trying to get information on their investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and alleged Trump-Russia collusion. The Nunes Memo strongly suggests that the DOJ/FBI utilized the Steele Dossier as the primary legal reason to secure warrants to spy on Trump Campaign personnel, even though the law enforcement officials involved knew the dossier was unreliable and had been paid​​ for by the Clinton Campaign. (4)

  • Many of the DOJ/FBI officials involved with the Steele Dossier also have deep connections with other potential scandals relating to Hillary Clinton and/or her bid to become President. (5)

  • Along with the DOJ/FBI, Congressional Democrats and the Liberal Mainstream Media—both former stalwarts of the ideal of “transparency in government”—have been aggressively opposing public release of official documents related to this case. While Congressional Republicans assert that they are trying to investigate and expose potential top-level bureaucratic corruption related to the 2016 election, Congressional Democrats are claiming that these recent moves to publicly disclose “top secret” details of the investigations are only designed to​​ halt the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion.

  • “Democracy Dies in Darkness!”

2016 Indeterminate Date:​​ Hillary Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee spend a reported $9 million via an intermediary law firm to​​ hire fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Donald Trump and his campaign. (6)
2016 Indeterminate Date:​​ Fusion GPS retains ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, who compiles a 35-page dossier on Donald Trump alleging sexual misconduct and shady financial dealings while previously in Russia. (6)
2016 July:​​ Steele first meets with FBI to discuss his findings—the “Steele Dossier”—about Trump and his​​ campaign. (6)
2016 July:​​ FBI begins counterintelligence investigation into Russian meddling​​ into election, including any connections between the Trump Campaign and Russian agents. (6)
2016 September:​​ Steele begins leaking information about the dossier and the FBI’s investigation to the press. (6)
2016 October:​​ DOJ first utilizes the Steele​​ Dossier to help it get federal judiciary approval for FISA warrants to spy on at least one member of Trump’s campaign. (6)
2016 November 8:​​ Donald Trump elected President of the United States.

2017 January 25:​​ House Intelligence Committee announces its plans to investigate Russian election meddling and any connections to campaigns. (6)
2017 Indeterminate Dates:​​ DOJ utilizes the still-unverified, and largely debunked, Steele Dossier to help extend the timeframe (s) of the original FISA warrant(s). (7)

2017 March 4:​​ Pres. Trump claims that former Pres. Barack Obama had wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower ahead of the 2016 election. The allegation is widely ridiculed by the Liberal MSM. (8)

2017 March 20:​​ House Intelligence Committee learns of FBI investigation into Trump campaign. (7)
2017 March 22​​ House Intelligence Committee Nunes accuses the Obama Administration of using FISA to spy on Trump transition team members, without revealing where he received this information. (7)
2017 April 6:​​ House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes recuses himself from the committee’s Russia investigation in light of a House Ethics Committee probe into whether the chair had made unauthorized disclosures of classified information. (7)
2017 September 18:​​ CNN reports that U.S. Government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman, and begrudgingly concedes that the spying may have ensnared the candidate and other members of the campaign. (8)
2017 December 7:​​ House Ethics Committee clears Nunes of any wrongdoing. (7)
2017 Date Indeterminate:​​ FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly testifies before the House Intelligence Committee that no surveillance warrant would have been sought without the Steele Dossier. Democrats on the committee dispute this assertion. (9) ​​ 
2018 January 4:​​ House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes obliquely informs DOJ/FBI that the committee’s investigation into Russian meddling has been expanded to include DOJ’s handling of its own investigation. (7)
2018 Mid-January:​​ House Intelligence Committee staff​​ compiled a four-page Memo summarizing how the FBI abused its power in its investigation into the Trump Campaign. (7)

2018 January 18:​​ House Intelligence Committee votes along party lines to make the “FISA Memo” available to all House members. Democrats start arguing that information in the Memo is “cherry-picked” and reliant on classified information which should not be made public, even if declassified. “Cherry-picked” becomes a key word in press reporting on the Memo. (9)
2018 January 18-29:​​ Republicans push for public release of the Memo, arguing that the public’s need to know about potential abuses of power by the nation’s top law enforcement agency should override any concerns of national security.
2018 January 28:​​ FBI Director Christopher Wray reviews​​ the Memo, followed the next day by officials from the FBI’s counterintelligence and legal divisions. While it was widely reported that the two division officials “could not point to any factual inaccuracies” in the document, DOJ officials have since disputed that characterization. (10)
2018 January 29:​​ House Intelligence Committee votes along party lines to release the Memo, giving Pres. Trump five days to determine whether it should be declassified.​​ 
2018 January 31:​​ FBI releases statement denouncing the Memo, and expressing “grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the Memo’s accuracy.” (11)
2018 January 31:​​ Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), ranking member of House Intelligence Committee, sends​​ letter of protest to the Committee, claiming that the original Memo as released for viewing by the House had been “secretly altered” with “material changes,” and thus should be withdrawn from White House consideration for public release. (12)
2018 January 31:​​ House Intelligence Committee staff​​ reject Schiff’s claims as spurious, noting that such changes were a matter of syntax and grammar, and made at the request of FBI reviewers and Schiff himself. (13)​​ 
2018 January 31:​​ House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) sends letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) demanding the removal of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) for altering the contents of a “reckless, partisan memo released to the White House” after it had already been voted on by the Committee and reviewed by​​ House members. She also refers to the Memo as “bogus,” and part of a GOP “cover-up campaign.” (14)
2018 January 29-Febraury 1:​​ Liberal MSM led by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Washington Post release dozens of news articles and opinion pieces objecting to the release of the Memo, generally accusing Republicans of undermining the nation’s national security and law enforcement institutions in a nefarious quest to end the DOJ/FBI investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. (15)​​ 

2018 February 2:​​ White House Declassifies the House Intelligence Committee Memo and it is released to the public.

2018 February 5:​​ Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper that House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Schiff is “full of Schiff” and says every claim Rep.​​ Schiff has made about the Nunes Memo and related Intelligence Committee investigation is fraught with untruths. (16)
2018 February 5:​​ Senate Judiciary Committee request that the DOJ declassify details of a criminal referral they made for an FBI investigation of former British intelligence agent, Christopher Steele, for his role in compiling the “Steele Dossier,” thought to be instrumental in securing warrants for DOJ/FBI spying on the Trump Campaign and transition team. (1)​​ 



Another day, another revelation. Of course, Democrats, former Obama Administration officials, DOJ/FBI officials, and most of the liberal mainstream media continue to insist that “there’s nothing to see here, folks!”

In fact, with regard to this latest revelation, this author could find no evidence that CNN, The New York Times, or Washington Post reported on the Senators’ request for public disclosure of their Steele Criminal Referral Memo, or that already non-redacted portions of this Memo (19) indicate that Clinton Campaign operative(s) were helping in the creation of the disputed dossier. As noted by Senators Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC),​​ “It is troubling enough that the Clinton Campaign funded Mr. Steel’s work, but that these Clinton​​ associates were contemporaneously feeding Mr. Steel allegations raises additional concerns about his credibility.”

This, folks, is news, and yet some of the most preeminent news organizations in America are essentially ignoring it. I refer to this as “fake news by omission,” something I’ve noticed a lot of from these organizations during the past nine years, and likely driven by partisanship so intransigent that it makes them essentially propaganda arms of the Democratic Party.

While failing to report on​​ “news” for partisan reasons is bad enough, their efforts to block news before it happens is even more nefarious. Their actions last week in vigorously opposing the public disclosure of the Nunes Memo is unprecedented, and clearly shows a bias against “transparency in government” if the transparency is at odds with the party they support.

Note that these news organizations have mounted absolutely no opposition against the public release of the Democratic House Intelligence Committee Memo, and yet this Memo​​ contains similar “Classified” information as the Nunes Memo, information that purportedly endangers national security and threatens DOJ/FBI operations and personnel.

Little doubt that should they bother to report on Sens. Grassley and Graham’s efforts to​​ publicly release the Steele Criminal Referral Memo, that their reporting will be devoted to opposing its release and/or maligning the information therein.


Helping educate our members understand the bigger picture.​​ 

Evidence​​ continues to mount suggesting that the DOJ/FBI improperly, if not illegally, utilized the “Steele Dossier” as the justification to spy on the Trump Campaign and Transition Team.

  • Information in the Dossier is unverified and largely believed to be false. (17)

  • The Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee paid for the Dossier, and may have even helped develop its contents by feeding the author with information. (1)

  • The DOJ/FBI reportedly knew information in the Dossier was likely false and had been paid for by the Clinton Administration and DNC, but failed to share this knowledge with the judge(s) responsible for approving warrants to spy on Trump associate(s).

Most of the DOJ/FBI officials responsible for securing the warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign and Transition were also deeply involved in exonerating Hillary Clinton from the email server investigation, and failed to fully investigate known corruption related to the sale of Uranium One. (18)

  • Democrats, former Obama Administration officials,​​ and the liberal mainstream media vigorously oppose Republican efforts to investigate the DOJ/FBI’s investigation of Trump-Russia collusion, claiming that it is a witch hunt designed solely to derail the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion.

  • The mainstream media is acting especially egregious in this regard as they are supposed to believe in “transparency in government,” and yet, they are willingly working with Democrats and the former Obama Administration to keep information about the Republicans’ findings from the American public.​​ 

  • Should any of the allegations involving DOJ/FBI prove true, it potentially represents a serious threat to national security as it might mean that the nation’s top law enforcement organization has been weaponized for political purposes.





















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Story inspired by: ​​​​ The ongoing efforts by Congressional Republicans to determine whether the DOJ/FBI improperly, or illegally, utilized the Steele Dossier to get warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign and transition team. This story was also inspired by the complete lack of objective reporting on this evolving story by the liberal mainstream media.

Point: ​​​​ Evidence continues to mount that the nation’s top law enforcement officials may have—knowingly or not—initiated an investigation into Donald Trump at the instigation of the Clinton Campaign. Meanwhile many in the mainstream media “are strangely uncurious about alleged improprieties with implications of the worst kind: Stasi-like tactics used against Americans.”​​

CounterPoint: ​​​​ Congressional Republican efforts to investigate the impetus for the DOJ/FBI investigation into Trump-Russia collusion is a partisan effort designed solely to stop the Special Counsel’s Trump-Russia probe.  ​​ ​​​​

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