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Debbie Hancock
2018 March 08


  • Nicholas Freitas, a retired Green Beret Iraq war veteran, is seeking the Republican nomination for the Virginia Senate seat currently held by former Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine.

  • Described as a libertarian Republican, Freitas is a strong advocate​​ of limited​​ government, the preservation of the Constitution,​​ the rule of law, the 2nd​​ amendment and school choice. (6)

  • While the name Nicholas Freitas is probably not on the tip of every household tongue,​​ his notoriety and following just increased​​ exponentially as his recent speech on guns to the​​ Virginia​​ House​​ of Delegates​​ went viral.​​ To date, more than 13.5 million have​​ since​​ visited his Face book page.​​ (7)

  • The speech was given in response to the recent criticism that Republicans have blood on their hands for failing to act on gun violence. (1)

  • Many Democrats walked out of the speech in anger as Freitas referred to actual​​ historical truths​​ such as​​ which party (Democratic) supported slavery, Jim Crow laws and the like.



2009​​ ​​ Nicholas Freitas retired​​ from his 11 year career as a​​ Special Forces Sargent in the​​ Green Beret having served two tours in Iraq. (6)

2010​​ – Freitas moved to Culpepper County​​ in Virginia​​ and later became chairman of the Culpepper County Republican Committee. ​​ 
2015​​ –​​ Freitas is elected to the​​ Virginia House of Delegates serving the 30th​​ District.

2017​​ – Freitas is re-elected to the House of Delegates with a 62% win over his Democratic opponent.
2017 December 08​​ – Freitas announces plans to run for Senator from the state of Virginia.
2018 March 02​​ – Freitas​​ delivers a fiery speech to the Virginia House of Delegates that​​ quickly went​​ viral.


During a Friday session of the​​ Virginia​​ House​​ of Delegates,​​ as delegates were preparing to leave for the home districts early, Nicholas Freitas stepped to the podium and started to deliver a speech arguing that facts and data should be part of the debate about gun violence. As the approximately 7 minute speech continued, Freitas gathered momentum and spoke to possible causes​​ and for​​ gun violence that others have been afraid to address.​​ As he defended the Second Amendment and decried government efforts to stop people from defending themselves, he stated that “democrats only see one​​ solution to societal violence, tearing apart or gutting the Second Amendment and banning all guns.”


Democrats moaned and began to walk out as Freitas listed some of the other​​ possible reasons for gun violence noting that​​ most of the recent perpetrators of mass shootings​​ have come​​ from broken homes​​ and​​ citing studies that show the breakdown in families can be attributed to various cultural changes from the sixties to include the abortion industry.​​ He went on to say that “the welfare state contributed significantly to dismantling the family.​​ When he reminded everyone that the party who supported slavery and Jim Crow laws was the Democrat party, Democrats began to leave the room. The truth hurts. ​​ Freitas went on to say that​​ if Democrats want to have an honest debate on gun issues, it should start with a certain degree of mutual respect. They shouldn’t assume he has been bought off by the NRA, he said, and he wouldn’t assume Democrats were paid off by Planned Parenthood.​​ As Republicans applauded, Democrats returned to the room only to leave again when another Republican, Thomas Wright,​​ committed the cardinal sin when he​​ stood and said that he thought taking God out of the schools had, in part, led to more violence in general.​​ ​​ (1)


While​​ Republicans,​​ basically, sat for a week listening to Democrats call them everything from Nazis to terrorists,​​ Democrats were unable to swallow a moment’s worth of truth, twisting Freitas’ words to​​ match their agenda. Joseph Lindsay, D-Norfolk, said many people were “emotionally shaken” by Freitas’ words while Lamont Bagby, D- Henrico, chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black caucus called Freitas’ comments “hateful and divisive” saying his comments about abortion, welfare​​ and family structure​​ also​​ being factors in​​ ​​ gun violence​​ were​​ racial “dog whistling”.​​ In other words, any thoughts​​ that disagree with their views or offer other reasons for gun violence are racist. (5)​​ ​​ As Freitas said,​​ taking offense to​​ what is said is now becoming a weapon with which to turn away debate,​​ and he is no longer willing to accept it.​​ (3)

Freitas stated on Fox and Friends that he has grown tired of the rhetoric from some on the Left and decided to speak out.​​ In an interview in January, Freitas refused to sling mud at his opponent for the​​ Republican senatorial​​ nomination, Cory Stewart, but did say there are differences in their views. Freitas calls himself an extremely liberty minded Republican, believing that the proper role of government is to protect our individual​​ liberty,​​ to protect our property rights and provide equal protection before the law. ​​ He is a life member the NRA and has been very popular in his community having been overwhelmingly elected to a second term in the House of Delegates. Thus far, he has had success working not only with Republicans but also with groups that lean left. “I’ve proven both on the battlefield overseas and on the battlefield of ideas, I am willing to stand by what I believe in and fight for it”, Freitas stated. He is off to a good start with his March 2nd​​ speech and the endorsement of Senator Rand Paul who says he is the “real deal”.


Here are 7 highlights from Freitas March 2nd​​ speech:


  • Find out if gun free zones work​​ – “Wouldn’t it be reasonable to test whether or not the efficacy of gun-free zones has actually achieved what their intended intent is”?

  • Understand the Second Amendment​​ – The Second Amendment right to bear arms does not come from a “base philosophical conviction” said Freitas. Torture, mass murder, genocide and other atrocities happen “as a result of government systematically disarming citizens and claiming to be the sole responsible party for their security,” he said and “then turning on those same citizens and punishing them.”

  • Make Self Defense Possible​​ – “Guns are a powerful deterrent and self-defense isn’t limited only to circumstances where a perpetrator ends up killed or wounded”. The mere sight of a firearm is enough to deter in many cases.

  • Consider Arming Teachers​​ – Freitas said he agrees with lawmakers who are pushing for teachers to be armed.

  • Stop calling him a Nazi and Segregationist​​ ​​ Freitas said that he has been called a Nazi and a segregationist, pointing out that it was not the Republican party that supported slavery, fought women’s suffrage, rounded up tens of thousands of Asian-Americans an put them in concentration camps, supported Jim Crow and segregation. He said, in addition,​​ he has even been called a terrorist – a green beret with two combat tours under his belt​​ 

  • Continue the Dialogue With Mutual Respect​​ – Mutual respect, he said, is key to developing solutions that work and lead to​​ agreements. “It starts with a certain degree of not assuming that the only reason why we believe in the Second Amendment is because the NRA paid us off”​​ adding that when he talks about abortion, he doesn’t assume that every Democrat was bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood.

  • Admit Government Failed in Parkland Shooting​​ -​​ “We are going to have a problem with so-called solutions which infringe on people’s liberty under the promise that government will provide for their security” he said. “Because ultimately, in this last school shooting we had a perfect example of government being engaged over 30 times and still failing to provide security​​ for those students”.

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To read Freitas’ speech in its entirety and decide for yourself, please visit the following website:

Story inspired by:​​ ​​ Nicholas Freitas speech itself and an article in the Washington Post following the speech.

Point: ​​​​ Nicholas Freitas, an up and coming politician, created a furor of support and criticism during his March 2nd​​ speech to the Virginia House of Delegates. A voice willing to address reasons for gun violence from past and present issues, Freitas was applauded by Republicans while Democrats “offended” by his truthful comments, walked out of the speech. Freitas is unapologetic and stands by his conservative and sometimes libertarian beliefs. It’s about time someone comes right out and says it – unpopular reasons for gun violence that don’t include guns themselves. Democrats, unwilling to look at obvious social changes over the decades, are one solution problem solvers​​ when it comes to gun violence – get rid of the guns. ​​ Freitas​​ is having none of that and will not be silenced by political correctness and “hurt feelings.” Only as we learn to address some of the real problems with our society, will we ever resolve the gun violence that is a reflection of much deeper problems than guns.

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​​ CounterPoint: ​​​​ While Freitas’ comments were not meant as racist, some African American delegates​​ took offense to them. As an overly sensitive society, Delegate Luke​​ Torian (D- Prince William), an​​ African American pointed out – “Every now and then some of the things that we do say….we mean one thing, but boy it can turn​​ out to be something else. Torian is known for having a close working relationship with Republican leaders.

5. ​​ Graham Moomaw, Richmond Times, “As Freitas’ Gun Speech Goes Viral, Virginia Democrats Say Slavery Remarks Reopened Racial Wounds, 2018 March 05

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