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Nunes Cleared Of Misconduct

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Nunes Cleared Of Misconduct

Ronnie Jones
2017 December 13

  • Earlier this spring, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes removed himself from participating in an inquiry​​ into Russia’s interference in last year’s election. ​​ (6.)

  • The step down occurred moments prior to an announcement from the House Ethics Committee stating it had opened a review into whether Nunes broke rules when he publicly revealed that U.S. intelligence agencies may have picked up communications involving members of the Trump transition team. ​​ (6.)

  • Following interviewing, the committee experts determined that the information the chairman divulged was not classified. ​​ (1.)

2017, March

  • 2017, March​​ 28: Civic Action files a federal ethics complaint with the U.S. House of Representatives’ Office of Congressional Ethics against Rep. Devin Nunes (7.)

  • 2017 April 6: Nunes removes himself as head of an inquiry into the Russia investigation. ​​ (1.)

  • 2017, December 7: The House Ethics Committee clears Nunes of allegations. ​​ (1.)

Following the filed complaint against Devin Nunes, MoveOn charges that he violated House rules. ​​ Specifically, the .pdf reads, “In his quest to assist President Trump politically…it appears that chairman Nunes has committed serious violations of law”. Nunes’ ‘secret visit’ to the White House, followed by his announcement that Trump’s transition team were “incidentally” monitored by Intelligence Agencies “was evidently intended to end some credence to President Trump’s claims that former President Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped- claims that have repeatedly been shown to be absolutely baseless.” ​​ (7.)

The ethics complaint was filed after Nunes disclosed an uncommon and urgently called news conference that an unidentified source told him dozens of intelligence reports included the names of Trump’s transition team whom Nunes alleged were unfairly revealed in the reports. Nunes says he went directly to the White House to brief​​ President Trump on the information. (1.)

The allegations prompted the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to place Nunes’ Central Valley district on its 2018 target list. The investigation, which was conducted by the full committee outside of its​​ typical process, took eight months to complete. The time span includes a non-partisan staff review of complaints before they were taken up by the committee. (6.)


Helping educate our members understand the bigger picture.​​ 

  • In March, MoveOn demanded​​ House leadership remove Nunes from his chairmanship of the committee. ​​ (7.)

  • FEMA has distributed more than $125 million

  • A petition launched by the group garnered over 150,000 signatures

  • The group charged that Nunes has violated the Espionage Act

  • Democrats​​ applauded Nunes’ decision to recuse himself. ​​ (6.)

  • Rep. Adam Schiff says, “He did so in the best interests of the committee, and I respect that decision.”

  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says, “compromised from day one, and he had no business leading​​ the investigation into the Trump-Russia connection.”

  • “Good for him,” says Senator Kamala Harris, member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “He stopped being objective.”








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To discover more about the costs of the Russia investigation, visit:

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Following questioning, Representative Devin Nunes​​ (R-Tulare) thanked the House Ethics Committee for completely clearing him of “the cloud that was created by” the investigation as he puts in his own words. Many Democrats have made complaints about Nunes being too involved- referring to him stepping away from leading the intelligence committee’s Russia investigation but not fully recusing himself a complaint was filed in April. The heavy criticism and potential catalyst for the ethics charge was subsequent to him admitting he had received information in the​​ White House complex. ​​ (1.)

CounterPoint :

In a statement, the committee said that classification experts in the intelligence community had concluded that the “information that Rep. Nunes disclosed was not classified.” ​​ (2.) ​​ House Speaker Paul Ryan in April had announced that Nunes has “earned his trust over many years for his integrity and dedication to the critical work that the intelligence community does to keep America safe.” ​​ (3.) ​​ After publicly revealing wiretap intercepts of Trump campaign officials and their “unmasking” by Obama administration officials in March, Nunes recused himself from his role as chairman for purposes of the Intelligence Committee’s investigation. ​​ (4.)

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