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Socialism Follows a Familiar Path with China’s Muslim Internment Camps

November 8, 2018 36 1 No Comments


Socialism seems like a fantastic policy on the books. Who does want equality and a better life for all? In fact, if one could genetically engineer a better human the thing just might work. However, much to the dismay of socialism the planet is left with the humans we’ve got. Typically, this winds up being a big problem for socialist societies. Socialism has clearly identified the best course of human behavior in the minds of its engineers. The only problem is that humans don’t act, shop, save, work or live like socialism demands. Flawed creates we be and our individual liberty embedded with the inalienable rights our created has gifted us tend to take us down our own path. As much as socialism has tried, it has not been able to master the problem of humanity. That doesn’t stop them from trying though and the latest example is being played out in Communist China. Whereas radical elements of the Muslim population tend to cause problems the world around, western societies accept this risk in order to err on the side of liberty. Communist China, on the other hand, sees it as a problem to be fixed and they are doing it in an eerily familiar way.

The Problem of People

Whether it is National Socialism or good old fashioned socialism turned Communism, history tells us that socialism has a particular way of dealing with the problematic people. You see, to those beholden to socialist thought they can’t comprehend that the ideology might be the root cause of the failure. No, if socialism isn’t working it is because we have the wrong sort of people they suppose. Hitler had a solution for that. Stalin had a solution for that. Mao had a solution for that. Now it would seem that President of Xi Jinping is following in their footsteps.

Chinese authorities in the Northwest province of Xinjiang are locking up Muslim minorities into internment camps at an alarming rate. In these camps they are “re-educated” to make them better members of society according to the state. With some estimates reaching into the hundreds of thousands, socialism is once again trying to solve the human problem the good old fashioned way. That is imprisonment, torture, intimidation and execution of problematic people. An old trick for an old and evil ideology.

What About Democratic Socialism?

I’m not going to make the leap and claim that Socialist darlings like Bernie Sanders or Ocasio-Cortez would support such a policy. That is simply a bridge too far. I am going to say that they, like all champions of socialism before them will soon find out that people are indeed the problem. When the markets don’t react like they want, socialist will legislate more. When humans don’t behave as desired, they will legislate human behavior more. If given the reins of power, they will find out in the end that humans endowed with liberty and socialism are incompatible. What will they do then? Give up on their beloved ideology or try as they might to solve the problem of people?

What is happening to the Muslim population in China is no doubt a human tragedy. What would happen to this nation if it were to embrace socialist ideology would no doubt be a global tragedy. There is no greater voice for liberty in this nation and rather than try to solve the problem of people we unleash it and ride the wave of prosperity it creates. Socialist on the other hand, will try to solve the problem of people just as they always have before. Let us all pray for the latest victims to find out the hard way that socialism does now and always has had a problem with people.

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