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Women’s March excludes women who disagree on controversial issues

May 27, 2016 583 92 No Comments


Women from across the United States marched today as a protest against Trump and an effort to protect women’s rights. One of the major concerns cited by the group is that Trump will not only not promote women’s rights, but may actively campaign against them.

The Women’s March initially began as an event on Facebook that was specifically focused on Washington D.C., but as its popularity grew, so did its locations. Marches were held in various cities across the nation. Celebrities, prominent groups, and political activists voiced support for the movement.

One pro-life group attempted to join the March in D.C., but were rejected because of their stance on abortion. Founders of the March had been very vocal about their pro-choice stance, but the individuals in the pro-life group believed that there was room for different opinions while still supporting women’s rights.

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